Frequently Asked Questions...

If you have any questions that are not covered on this page please feel free to get in contact with me.

Do you have insurance and CRB checked?

I am fully insured.  I did research into the requirement for me to be CRB checked but have been informed that it is not needed for face painters.  

What paints do you use?

I only use professional,  water activated, cosmetic grade face paints that comply fully with FDA and EU regulations.

How do I remove the paints?

The paints wash off easily with mild soap and warm water.  First use a soft wet facecloth with a small amount of soap and reactivate the paint, you will be left with a brown swirly mess which will then easily wash off with some water on the cloth.  I do not advise using baby wipes as these may cause a reaction when used on the face.  Some paints with stronger pigments do leave a slight stain on the skin; this will fade within a day or two.

What about sensitive skin?  

I have sensitive skin and I am very happy to do a small patch test first. If there is any tingling sensation or if it feels in any way uncomfortable please remove with warm water and soap immediately.

I accept no liability for irritation or allergic reactions that may be caused by the paints.

What about hygiene?

Firstly, please present me with a clean dry face to paint and don’t eat or drink while you are being painted. 

I am very careful about hygiene and use a clean sponge for every person and refresh my brush water regularly.  After each event all my equipment is thoroughly cleaned. 

Please do not touch my equipment and ensure that children are supervised at all times. I take no responsibility of the welfare or safely of anyone waiting to be painted.

I reserve the right to refuse to paint the face of anyone who looks unwell or has a medical condition that may be contagious or result in broken skin.  I may offer an arm or hand design instead.

Are there any age restrictions?

Although there is no age limits as such, because of the potential risk of reaction in very young children I am particularly cautious about painting anyone under 3 years old.  With this in mind I may refuse to paint children who appear to be under 3 years of age.  I may however paint a little design on their arm or hand.

There is no upper age limit!  

Some other information...

I will not paint anyone who does not want to be painted.

I take photographs to be used in my marketing material.  No images with be used without the consent of a parent or guardian.

I will refuse to paint anything I deem offensive, obscene or inappropriate and will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse.

Once my queue has been closed, it is closed.

Please note: At private events and parties, it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that the permission of parents/guardians is obtained prior to children being painted. 

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